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North Korean schools treat world history as an afterthought, the way American schools treat art classes. He learned about World War I and II and the Allied and Axis powers, but not the Italian Renaissance. He’s aware of things like Sputnik, but he wasn’t aware that an American was the first man on the moon (he was aware that someone landed on the moon, but they never specified whether it was an American or a Russian). You’re also forced to participate in mass games, from middle school on. You’ve seen demonstrations like this:It’s like a television with shitty resolution, but made of people.(Michael Kors Prism Bag)

In 2007, a Chicago high school student named Allen Lee was arrested for disorderly conduct over a class writing assignment involving stream of consciousness where the students were supposed to write whatever came to their minds. Instead of page after page filled with “boobs” and “weed,” Lee ended up with an unsurprisingly nonsensical jumble of words and phrases, including “Super Mario,” “ballet” and four instances of “stab.” After reading his assignment, Lee’s teacher turned it in to the school officials, who collectively decided that they must expel the straight A student and have him arrested. You know, before he goes on a writing spree.(MK Money Purse)

So, like all hopeless causes led by tiny, messianic fraternal twins wielding automatic weapons, this one couldn’t last. Joes were sexually incompatible unless you were into the freaky stuff. and the USSR were so tense that we boycotted the 1980 Olympics just because they were in Moscow. Carter to the Soviets and Ronald Reagan totally labeled the USSR an “evil empire.” And he didn’t use air quotes to show he was just messing with them. The whole freakin’ country shut down to watch a crappy made for TV movie about the after effects of a nuclear holocaust like it was the Super Bowl.(Michael Kors Outlet Houston)

You may be asking why they don’t just say “better safe than sorry” and staff the call center with extra support just in case of a problem. It’s the same reason your yard is not full of unicorns shitting gold coins; that’s just not the world we live in. In this world, where support staff are paid by the hour and everything is sacrificed for the bottom line, the company thinks having too many staff sitting idle is worse than not having enough. They even sell special scheduling software intended to make sure call centers have the exact minimum of staff on hand at all times.(Michael Kors Outlet Sale Usa)