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That afternoon we sailed to nearby Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades. The cove we anchored in was tiny. With a fishing village as our backdrop, it was the perfect place to take a dip in the crystal clear waters. Stuart created a swimming platform off the stern, and we all dived in. Afterward, to dry off, you really didn’t need a towel; the hot, arid air was enough. It was then that we decided that, rather than sail to tourist meccas such as Santorini and Mykonos, we’d stick to out of the way beaches and bays. To go where cruise ships don’t go, we realized, was perhaps the biggest advantage of a sailboat charter.(MK Karla Wallet)

On another occasion, a guy showed up naked at the front door of a female acquaintance and shouted “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass!” He pinned her down on her bed, at which point she began kicking his balls. When he let go of her arms to try to pin her legs, she reached down and started punching his balls. Eventually she got all four limbs into the act, just wailing on his nuts until the signal reached his brain that it would be better to leave.(Michael Kors Shiny Purse)

Cut out circles and stab the bananas into the middle, plug the top with an almond and have it drip down mayonnaise. This is all normal, perfectly normal. You could serve this to your boss at a dinner party in 1958, and they would note only how the dish looked incredibly like a Christmas candle.(Michael Kors Leather Wallet)

Though his flow usually focused on dark storytelling, some of his more mainstream songs like “Big Poppa” and “Hypnotize” allowed Biggie an outlet for his sensitive side. He wanted the world to know he was a Renaissance man who didn’t just slap bitches, but just frequently had sex with them. In the video for “Hypnotize,” he managed to convey that message while on an epic run from the law with Diddy (or as he was known then, the dude who whispers “that’s right” in the background of Biggie’s songs). The chase finds them in a boat trying to outrun three helicopters, as well as attempting to escape from six motorcycles in a car driving exclusively in reverse. For two enterprising pimps, they had a tendency to choose unballin’ modes of evasion. had against conventional beds, but it didn’t keep him from sexing up a few lucky ladies in his hoopdie. Likely while driving in reverse.(Taylor Hill Michael Kors Bag)