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For a longer pause, we headed upstairs to Barroco, a chic power lunch spot whose menu was designed by celebrated Mexico City chef Martha Ortiz. Golden ears of corn adorn every table, each draped in crisp white linen. The dishes are refined takes on poblano classics like chalupas (small fried tortillas topped with chicken or pork and doused in red salsa, green salsa or mole) and tacos arabes (spit roasted spiced meat tacos originally brought to Mexico by Lebanese or Iraqi immigrants). The day we visited, the dining room was quiet except for a few tables of men in expensive suits having business meetings.(Michael Kors Diaper Bag Canada)

Pop culture has taught us that “newsies” were charming fellows who happily yelled out headlines from street corners and burst into song and dance at the drop of a hat. It turns out that they were less like young Christian Bale’s character in Newsies and more like adult Christian Bale’s character in, well, everything else.(Michael Kors Eiffel Tower Bag)

These pets don’t even have the interactivity of Nintendogs or Tamagotchis. They follow you around. They occasionally make noises. That’s it. You can’t pet them or feed them or tell them to do anything. But god damn will your guildmates be jealous when you show them what you did with your $750.(MK Tina Bag)

As we mentioned, plants typically don’t like to share their neighborhood with freeloaders. But when it comes to family, some plants will really stick up for their bros. When the common jewelweed is placed in a pot with an unrelated plant, the two will grow as quickly as possible, each trying to wrestle as many nutrients and minerals as possible away from the other.(Michael Kors Moxley Bag)

Unfortunately for you, the Air Force has been testing what are called “Focused Lethality Munitions,” or sniper bombs. They are being designed to drop out of bombers, fighter aircraft or even drones, use GPS to guide them to their target, and then kill everyone inside the building without so much as rattling the windows of nearby structures. No word on whether a pleasant female voice announces “you have arrived at your destination” before blowing everything to hell.(Michael Kors Bags Uk Sale Online)