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The next day, the lady who didn’t kill herself thanks Alex, who then breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience, saying he thinks Norman would be proud. Because who wouldn’t want to gain the approval of a dead serial killer? It’s an amazingly heartwarming ending for a show based on a goddamn horror movie. In an interview, star Bud Cort said that the series would feature the Bates Motel as a “magical” place for redemption. So it would be like Touched By An Angel, but with a murder house instead of Della Reese.(Michael Kors Outlet Kansas City)

But the positive societal changes that occurred in Star Trek were pulled entirely out of Gene Roddenberry’s asshole he didn’t have to work out the logistics of how, say, you keep a population happy when everyone wants to be starship captains and nobody wants to be janitors in a world that needs far more of the latter. a hero is born.(Are Michael Kors Purses On Amazon Real)

Yes, the girl is Iraq, the fair haired (?) King is Saddam himself, and the cruel husband is the United States of America. And if you actually needed that explanation to get the subtext, you owe your elementary school English teacher a sternly worded note, though you’ll probably need some help writing it. Then again, perhaps we’re being unfair here: We shouldn’t exactly be expecting subtlety from the guy commissioning 30 foot gold statues of himself for every town square in the country. It doesn’t seem to fit into the dangerous mob boss image, but Al does manage to save a little face when you realize where he wrote most of his stuff: Alcatraz prison. And that’s balls. In a place where you’re sodomized and stabbed and then sodomized again just to “fuck the knife out of you,” Capone sat in his cell and played dainty love ballads. On a banjo.(Michael Kors Jet Set Mini Crossbody Bag)

By official estimates, upward of 2 million tourists will descend on Wittenberg this year and that could pose a problem. But for the past 10 years (dubbed the “Luther Decade” in Germany), the 2,135 residents who live inside Wittenberg’s historical heart have been busy transforming this sleepy hamlet halfway between Berlin and Leipzig into something of a spiritual and cultural “Rome” for the world’s 814 million Protestants and nearly 80 million Lutherans. This year’s jubilee is easily the biggest thing to happen here in the last 499 years, and the town’s determined to nail it.(Michael Kors Tech Continental Wallet)