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Because I’d never before been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon without being in a hurry there is little time for dawdling during a nonstop R3 after I dried off Derek humored me with a stop at Phantom Ranch, the lone spot of civilization down here.(How To Clean Your MK Purse)

But nothing could overshadow the catch rule, which reared its ugly head again in the best game of the season, the one between the Patriots and Steelers. Move over, Calvin Johnson and Bryant, two men who will forever be linked to the debate over just what is a catch. Make room for Jesse James. After the Patriots scored a touchdown and a two point conversion for a three point lead with 56 seconds left, the Steelers tore off down the field on two plays, the latter of which looked to your lyin’ eyes and mine like a touchdown as James stretched toward the end zone after hauling in a 10 yard pass with 28 seconds remaining. Alas. James was robbed as the ball Weebled. Or wobbled. One of the two.(Purple Michael Kors Purse For Sale)

If it’s your lucky day and your computer is especially fucked in such a spectacular way that the first guy you talk to actually realizes that he can’t possibly help you, you may achieve what few mortals have elevation to Level Two. Like the Yeti and child Disney stars who don’t grow up to be train wrecks, the Level Two tech is a hard beast to track down. Even when you’re promised a glimpse of one, you may still be left empty handed as elevation to Level Two means you once again go into queue and are placed on hold.(Michael Kors Outlet Store Coupons Printable)

Angel Hair for Kids requires that the ponytail be a minimum of 12 inches long and not be chemically treated. is Locks of Love. and Canadian youth under the age of 21 who are in need of a wig or hairpiece due to any medical condition, not just cancer. This organization will also accept grey hair, but do know that it will be sold to help cover the costs of making the wigs.(Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Diaper Bag)

Clore says the master plan involves a rooftop restaurant above Oakhart Social, in which the back half of the rooftop will be a building with an open kitchen and bar design similar in concept to that of Mas Tapas, with the kitchen on one side, and bar seating on the other. The front half will be open air patio seating. Clore said all city approvals have been met but the project is on hold while they finalize the opening of their next venture, Little Star (across the street in the old Threepenny Caf site).(Michael Kors Purse Collection)