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According to the federal indictment filed last week charging the two prosecutors with obstruction of justice and witness tampering, the men “had numerous meetings and telephone conversations wherein they discussed” the beating with Burke, and they “agreed to conceal Burke’s role in the assault and to obstruct and attempt to obstruct the Federal Investigation.”(MK Neverfull Bag Price)

Can you turn your home back over to the bank?I am in Kentucky, and in the middle of foreclosure on my home. I hadn’t heard anything from the bank at all, until today. 2 men from the bank I’m buying my home from pulled up in the driveway and said that they would give me 2 weeks to sell the home or I could go in to their office and sign the home back over to them. (Electric Blue Michael Kors Purse)

Oil (meibum) is a necessary component of tears, and is produced by meibomian glands found on the rim of eyes, near your lash line. Blocked meibomian glands can lead to dry eye. Washing your eyelids regularly and using a warm washcloth as a compress can help keep inflammation under control and restore the flow of oil to the eye.(Michael Kors Jet Set Top Zip Item Tote Bag Vanilla)

For the time being, aerial drones aren’t being designed to be truly autonomous, at least until Skynet boots up. They have the ability to navigate pre programmed flight paths, but for now, they require a human to control the finer flight control and to actually fire the weapons. Though the hyper accuracy comes from the software, which sort of does auto aiming. Hey, it’s just like an FPS game! Finally, a job our generation is over qualified for. So, you’re a savvy terrorist group, and you’ve set your base up in a building nestled between an orphanage and a kitten factory.(Michael Kors Bags Uk Online)

NM: “Claws” loses me whenever it spends an inordinate amount of time on Uncle Daddy, including that scene this week in which he gets drunk and feels sorry for himself. He’s entirely undeveloped as a character and I find him and his grief for his wife but also for his deposed status as a crime boss deeply uninteresting. So yes, he exacts justice by kicking in some homophobic teeth, but it’s not as if he’s ever needed a valid excuse to go straight to violence anyway (remember that beat down he gave the motorist last week?). By the way, do we really think he would choose to spend his afternoon in such a swanky bar? This is a man who unabashedly revels in humid sleaze and it felt so out of character.(Michael Kors Bowling Bag)