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Wrong. Lasius neglectus (or “the Asian super ants”) are naturally drawn to electricity, with a desire that’s actually stronger than their need to eat and drink. Swarms of these ants can and have caused blackouts in Great Britain. Once one ant gets zapped, an alarm pheromone is sent out that calls swarms of their brethren to attack and attack until, eventually, the power goes out. Millions of ants will immolate themselves and, frankly, science has no idea why. And don’t think only Britain is doomed. Other ants have been known to attack electricity, like the fire ants in this video:(Michael Kors Outlet Store Wrentham Ma)

Local Living editor Kendra Nichols says her ultimate goal is “making moderation the new normal,” but notes that “I need to do something drastic to get there.” A self described “rule person” who has made it through the first phase of the Whole30 before without much difficulty, she sees it as a reset from unhealthful habits like snacking on vending machine candy and eating the same “boring” foods all the time.(MK Purses Clearance Macy’s)

Anyway, hopefully he banked some of that positivity for later. In the aftermath of his viral fame, Kanongataa launched a series of lawsuits against media outlets such as NBC and ABC, alleging that they owed him money for airing part of his videos (at most, 30 seconds). These lawsuits were eventually struck down, because fair use is a thing. The court also awarded $120,000 in legal fees to the broadcasters, because even though Kanongataa argued that a full fee award could bankrupt him as “a person of limited means,” he didn’t present any evidence for this, and the judge had no choice but to bury him. Remember, our reality is just one big Black Mirror episode.(Michael Kors Bags For $30)

Of course, his then opponent, Mitt Romney, was quick to call out this remark, calling it “insulting” to great American innovators like Steve Jobs, who founded Apple, Henry Ford, who created the Model T, and Papa John, who discovered how to trick people into thinking that what he made was pizza. There was even an entire day of the Republican National Convention based around the theme “We Did Build It!” That slogan left the viewer free to fill in “it” with anything they liked except, of course, the government subsidized stadium they were all standing in.(Michael Kors Black Leather Backpack Purse)