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Deceptive labeling is common across many spirits categories, but it’s particularly prevalent in the rum world, says Karen Hoskin, president and CEO of Montanya Distillers. Consumers interested in finding high quality rum may have to dig a little deeper than just going by an appealing label; sadly, “what’s on the bottle often doesn’t always reflect what’s in the bottle,” she says.(Michael Kors Alanis Medium Logo Bucket Bag)

The border crossing itself was awesome. My mom was able to cross with her Panamanian passport, but my brother and sister couldn’t, so the plan was that she would meet us in a small town just across the border after we crossed over with Honduran Flanders . on horseback. How many illegal horseback adventures did you have before the age of 13?(Michael Kors Wristlet Purse)

The council Aviation Committee adopted an ordinance allowing for new lease and use agreements for the gates at O’Hare to pay for the eight year project, though some details remained elusive hours after sources said City Hall agreed to speed up construction of three new gates American would use in the future. The vote was unanimous despite concern from African American and Latino aldermen about minority hiring on the project, suggesting the full project is on track for eventual approval.(Macys Michael Kors Wallet Sale)

The Justice Department also said that Holder misunderstood the question at the May 3, 2011 hearing and that, while he heard of Fast and Furious much earlier than he’d stated, he meant to say that he hadn’t heard specifically about any gunwalking. n n n nWhat is the White House position on who knew what when? n n n nPresident Obama has consistently said he knew nothing of any gunwalking while it was occurring.

Not all of that is Clarke’s doing, of course he took office in 2002. But over the course of his tenure, arrests for marijuana possession have soared in Milwaukee, as has the disparity between possession arrests for black people vs. white people. In January, anairline passenger claimed that Clarke had several sheriffs’ deputies meet him as he got off an airplane in Milwaukee, where they detained and questioned the man for 15 minutes. (Michael Kors Brooklyn Medium Saddle Bag)

This officer, who had also met Sarah and her sons, brought them in and introduced them to us, Eagle River Parks and Recreation’s Karen Richards said. “So, at that point, when we were discussing their story and their situation, and what could possibly the community do to gather and help support if we could”(Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Bag)