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As a result, every border crossing train has to undergo a lengthy “wheel change.” It’s not quite as simple as putting the old Dodge up on cinder blocks. Rail officials literally have to lift trains into the air, remove the wheels, and replace them with a new set. This process can sometimes take up to three grueling hours, during which passengers are left onboard, locked in their cabins and without air conditioning. It’s not even high enough to pretend you’re on a really boring roller coaster. The craziest part was Dahala Khagrabari, an Indian enclave so far up Bangladesh’s ass it could taste yesterday’s dal. See, Dahala Khagrabari was a part of India surrounded by a Bangladeshi enclave which was itself surrounded by an Indian enclave which was, get this, surrounded by Bangladesh proper. Here’s a map to give you a sense of how drunk the guy in charge of drawing the borders must have been.(Michael Kors Cynthia Bag Uk)

Losing weight is more like a marathon than a sprint; you can’t go as hard as you can for a short period and then stop, says Michael Dansinger, MD, director of lifestyle coaching for diabetes weight loss at Tufts Medical Center and nutrition doctor for NBC’s The Biggest Loser . “If you’re not ready, any changes you make aren’t going to be sustainable.”(Denver Premium Outlets Michael Kors)

On top of that you find yourself constantly repeating to your 8 year old to brush his teeth, but instead he continues to play legos in his room and ignore you.Does any of this sound familiar? Getting kids up and ready for school can be the most stressful part of your day, but it doesn’t have to be. (Michael Kors Logo Trifold Wallet)

Bone meal is usually available at garden centers. Guano, rock phosphate and kelp meal may seem too costly or too difficult to obtain, but they add considerable fortitude to the plants and increase the nutritional content of your vegetables. Go as far down the recipe as you can afford, but if you can’t find the more exotic materials toward the bottom, don’t worry too much. However, if concerns about money stop you from obtaining kelp meal, rock dust or a phosphate supplement, I suggest taking a hard look at your priorities. In my opinion, you can’t spend too much money creating maximum nutrition in your food a dollar spent here will save several in health care costs over the long term.(Michael Kors Textured Leather Chain Wallet)