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There are even complex software plugins people use to track price histories and trends. There is speculation, price fluctuations, and selling panics. If you’re asking why this is superior to, say, getting a similar job in real life, we suspect the answer is that in WoW you get to dress like this the whole time:(MK New Bags 2015)

When we finally found our chartered sloop rigged yacht in its slip, there was Monique, an expat American, with bags of provisions in her arms. Besides the requisite wine, beer and olive oil for the next several days, she had all the ingredients for our very first meal on the boat: roasted small tomatoes with garlic and oregano, tossed with tuna and capers and penne pasta. No matter what Poseidon had in store for us, Monique would ensure that we would be well fed with a healthy Mediterranean diet.(MK Black Leather Wallet)

Now, I know most of you are thinking, Daniel, that’s some Pulitzer worthy journalism right there, and a small minority of you might be thinking, Daniel, that’s hyperbolic fear mongering, I’m a fat head. To that first group, thank you. To that second group, is it? Wrap your fat heads around this: This is an organization that can rally its troops and remember that “troop” here means “every single member of the species” to be singularly focused on one goal. No infighting, no pettiness, no internal arguments for supremacy, just an entire species obsessively working towards one purpose. Every. Single. One of them. Sometimes that purpose is travel, sometimes that purpose is spreading out and building, sometimes that purpose is overthrowing an existing colony, and they are always successful. Regardless of their purpose, they are always unified. Can we do that? When has the world ever come together to agree on anything unanimously? When has the country? We can’t get two political parties to agree on a single issue for the greater good of America, so how can we expect to rally the entire planet against a common enemy? That’s totally not like us.(Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Charm Leather Camera Bag)

First off, it’s worth being aware of your own vagina and how it’s shaped. If you happen to have a shorter vagina or a partner with a long penis (you’ll know if your cervix gets a bashing every time you have sex), it’s wise to choose positions that reduce depth of penetration a spooning style tends to work well.(MK Python Bag)