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The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is an enormous complex that also features an 18 hole golf course, a water park and an amusement park named after America most famous zookeeper. Located just north of the capital and largest city of Ohio, the Columbus Zoo has a total land area of 582 acres and is home to more than 10,000 animals from over 575 species. Often cited as one of the best zoos in the world, the Columbus Zoo is one of the most popular family attractions in central Ohio, drawing more than two million visitors each year. Although the animals are the main attraction, part of what makes this zoo known worldwide is Jack Hanna, also known as Jack, who served as its director for several years and has appeared on several television shows, including Good Morning America and the Late Show with David Letterman, as well as well his own Emmy winning television programs. Although there is no transportation once inside the zoo, visitors have a wealth of things to do and places to go, including Pirate Island, Congo Expedition Forest, live shows, amusement rides and several dining and shopping options.(Michael Kors Duffel Bag)

Bullshit. It’s like thinking being stranded on a desert island would be a nice break from the daily grind. It’d be peaceful for about an hour, and then you’d start to go insane. Your brain is a supercomputer containing an entire universe of wonders and creativity, and you’re going to make it stare at a row of chips for eight or 12 or 16 hours at a stretch? Oh, and it’s a failure only job. If you do it perfectly, no one notices. But if you fuck up and the chip tube loader jams, you catch hell.(Michael Kors Rose Gold Purse Macy’s)

It is indeed an exhilarating time to be alive, as the White House has recently announced a brand spanking new branch of the military: the Space Force. Air Force’s X 37B was launched in 2011, and the classified payloads it’s been hauling up into orbit are surely for benign purposes and couldn’t possibly have anything to do with its future possibilities as a weapons platform. Also, the X 37B is unmanned, which means that we’re about two years away from a movie in which Will Smith fights an evil one.(Walmart Michael Kors Wallet)

People must have gotten a kick out of it, because the game had staying power. It was played after the Spanish won the Battle of Navas de Tolosa over the Moors in 1212. It was part of the celebrations during a wedding between a prince and princess in Navarre. It was played in 1386 in Germany with a full dozen guys beating the pig and each other. But they had to eventually give those men a little help; they hit each other so many times that many of them ended up collapsing, so they put a bell on the pig and made them keep going. And an anonymous chronicler records it being played at a festival in Paris in 1425. But oh, has humanity managed to be so much more creative with fox torture in the past.(Michael Kors Harrison Flight Bag)