How To Preseerve Real Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet

Normally people would use a leather stitching horse to help hold the leather together while stitching, but I don’t have one. So I had several cutting mats below my leather and used that to punch holes into the sides to prepare for sewing I did that with the awl and sometimes had to use the mallet to push it through.Once holes are punched, you are ready to sew. (Michael Kors Jet Set Pink Purse)

Frozen fruits are a smoothie’s best friend, and that magic begins with freezing bananas. When frozen, bananas take on a creamier texture, and can be blended into a makeshift ice cream substitute. They can also become the creamy foundation to your morning smoothie. And never underestimate the power of frozen bananas dipped in almond butter and bedazzled with a few chocolate chips.(Michael Kors Purse Ciara)

You can buy a steamer for less than $15; this works well. Once you have an edge to start pulling on, run the steamer under the edge as you gently pull. Once you have enough tint to grab hold of, use a oven mitt or towel to hold the tint, so as not to burn yourself with the steam.(MK Outlet Mall)

The weirdest thing about North Korea, aside from, well, all of the other things about North Korea, is the sheer concept of an isolated country in the 21st century. When Ukrainian protesters are live tweeting their revolution and half of us have personal Internet friends who live on the other side of the planet, it’s bizarre to think about this quarantined population that’s totally in the dark about anything outside their own border.(Michael Kors Slouch Bag)

In the food industry, the practice of only halfway filling containers with actual food is called “slack fill.” Chip makers want a cushion of air around their products as protection, because nothing sucks more than getting a bag full of smooshed chip bits, except maybe getting a bag full of empty, which is what it seems like sometimes. For the sake of this entry, let’s say you’re not a fan of fresh things and opt for the canned variety. Maybe you’re stocking up your bomb/zombie apocalypse shelter who are we to judge? So you load your cart with canned peas, carrots and green beans, pay your cashier, head home and get started on the nastiest casserole of all time.(Michael Kors Outlet Gettysburg)