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All you need to do is to stay hydrated by sipping on water or any other cold beverage. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ice gola or slushes. Why risk your health by enjoying an ice gola outside when you can make one at home easily! Yes, this ice gola/slush maker crushes fine ice exactly like those street side vendors. Pour some flavoured syrup on the crushed ice and enjoy ice gola or crush whenever you want.(Michael Kors Mercer Messenger Bag)

This wasn’t technically an official Nazi product, instead being made by a commercial manufacturer trying to edge in on that horrible, horrible market. It sounds like they shouldn’t have bothered, either, because it seems the SS hated this game. When it was reviewed in their official magazine, they described it as a “a punishable idea” and “a piece of mischief” for making their job of hunting down Jews look like a silly hobby. You know, instead of the honorable profession it was.(Manhattan Michael Kors Bag)

They can’t swim. Or walk or crawl or fly or slither. Seriously, they have no way of propelling themselves across the water, which sort of sucks because that’s where they live. They can’t even steer their bodies in a different direction; the Portuguese man of war sort of drifts aimlessly across currents, hoping really hard that fish will come its way. The main reason they travel in such large numbers is that none of them can help where they’re going.(Michael Kors Bags Amazon Us)

A chairlift or the country’s steepest funicular railway speed visitors almost to the top of the 1,965 foot high peak, where trails lead to a temple and the shops and eateries that flank nearly all major religious sites in Japan. Signs advertise the mountain’s wild inhabitants, including flying squirrels. The monkeys are easier to spot, though, because they live inside a large enclosure. There are other places in Japan where macaques can be observed in freer circumstances, but they’re not 60 minutes from teeming Shinjuku.(Michael Kors Weston Md Satchel Bag)

On the VH1 Classic series “Classic Albums,” Collins explained that he made up the lyrics to “In the Air Tonight” in the studio, based on what he felt was appropriate for the vibe of the song. Yes, after all that, it turns out the song literally has less coherent meaning than “My Humps.”Tom Petty “American Girl”(Michael Kors Hamilton Purse Large)