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Patrick Wayne Tomb, 32, 10 Justice Lane, Lot 10, Ulysses, faces charges stemming from an incident at the American Truck Stop, 2720 S. Main St., Richmond Township, on July 17. According to Mansfield State Police, Tomb was charged with theft by failure to make disposition of funds for allegedly failing to make payments on a vehicle he bought. Tomb also has refused to return the vehicle alleging that he doesn know where it is. He was sent a summons to appear before District Judge James E. Carlson for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 26.(Michael Kors Mcgraw Medium Messenger Bag)

These pills are not perfect, leading to what my doctors refer to as “bulky, fatty stools.” In layman’s terms, that means massive fucking shits. I spent a good portion of my childhood thinking that my stomach must contain a portal to the Negative Zone, because there’s no way that all that poop was stored in my body, let alone this dimension. On the plus side, it gave me the impetus to become a decent amateur plumber by the age of 7. Destroying a toilet three out of the five times I used it throughout the day made me really good at fixing my mistakes.(Michael Kors Outlet Online Canada)