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Look, if you can’t manage a situp, that’s fine. It’s just your body’s way of agreeing with you and pie that it’s time to retire to a doughy cocoon. In fact, go ahead and lie motionless forever, because from what I’ve learned from ab commercials, the human skeleton was not designed to move. Unnamed fitness scientists and actors in lab coats both reveal that crunches and situps strain your back and neck in pulsing, painful ways. There is so much insane and misleading information in ab commercials that after watching one you might actually think an electric belt can remove fat. And if it can’t, so what? It will at least cook the pudding mix you’re eating.(Michael Kors Outlet Store El Paso Tx)

Yes, I am insisting on buttermilk. It is cheap and lasts months in the refrigerator. I am with Stella Parks over at Serious Eats, who says nothing can approximate it. “Clabbered” milk (milk doctored with lemon juice or vinegar) never comes close to the flavor or thick consistency of the real stuff, and that is what you want in this recipe. I have used powdered buttermilk, acceptable in a pinch, but again, I find the resulting batter too thin and prone to spreading.(Michael Kors Laptop Bag Shoulder Bag)

An accident of history and several centuries of stagnant economy had left Sarlat’s center virtually unchanged architecturally since the days of siege engines and knights galloping over drawbridges. City fathers had wakened one morning in the late 1950s to realize that, leaning above narrow and winding cobblestone streets and alleys, they had one of the largest collections of intact medieval architecture in Europe. The French government subsidized restoration of the dilapidated ancient structures, and the tastefully restored apartments (which half a millennium ago were the residences of wealthy noble families) began, slowly at first, to attract tourists.(Stein Mart Michael Kors Bags)

I first dreamed of this mighty waterway, which originates in Kingston on Lake Ontario and flows 750 miles to the Atlantic Ocean, while listening to the ballads of French American crooner Joe Dassin, but as I stumbled out of the small propeller plane that brought me an hour and a half from Montreal to Mont Joli, a salty, briny breeze engulfed me. I was confused. I came for a river but it was ocean that I breathed.(Michael Kor Purses Black Friday)