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It varies wildly depending on who you’re talking to, but the most popular story behind the song, and the one awkwardly quoted by Eminem in the almost as popular “Stan,” goes like this: As a kid, Collins witnessed a tragic incident in which a man drowned as another man who could have helped stood by and did nothing. Later, presumably through some form of leprechaun magic, Phil tracked the no good Samaritan down and arranged for him to be sitting in the front row of the concert where he debuted “In the Air Tonight,” singing the song directly to the man who sat uncomfortably under a spotlight. Were it not for that one Genesis video that starred a Ronald Reagan puppet, this would qualify as the creepiest moment of Phil Collins’ career.(Michael Kors Georgia Purse)

I went blind for half an hour on my first spacewalk, which is every bit as worrisome as it sounds. You see, we have a water supply in our suits, because we’ll be outside for eight hours at a time, and space station maintenance is thirsty work. A few drops got loose, picked up the anti fog chemicals from my visor, and flew into my left eye.(MK Bag Cleaner)

She would pop up (often with her clothes popped off) whenever the cadets were supposed to pay extra attention to the lesson, like the importance of making accurate measurements when firing or keeping the engines clean, even if it led to making the cockpits sticky. history.” It caused over $41.1 billion in damage and killed more than 1,800 people. But not content with causing misery for the living, Katrina decided to go after the deceased as well, digging them up so she could pee her hate water on their faces.(MK Bags Gold Colour)

6. Ditch Acidic Foods. You may have heard that acidic foods can irritate your bladder and worsen incontinence. This is an intricate process that links the digestive system with the urinary system and in turn, impacts how acids are metabolized in your body. Add alkaline foods to limit bladder irritation and promote a healthy balanced diet.(Michael Kors Purse Ebay Uk)

The endlessly exquisite variations on our Mediterranean theme meant that the hours blended so seamlessly I soon would forget what day of the week it was, not to mention find it difficult now to create a retrospective catalogue of each and every separate experience while sailing among islands with magical names like Amorgos, Koufonisia and Shinoussa. Where were we on our voyage when we went ashore for a strenuous hike up a steep, rocky path to an ancient monastery? And where and when exactly did we encounter that bronzed, totally nude, very much alive and Greek god like! couple on an otherwise deserted beach?(MK Passport Wallet)