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I didn’t have time to dodge behind a tree or dive into the brush, I didn’t even have time to kneel or lie down. I had no time no how to do nothing but watch them there German machine gunners and give them the best I had. Every time I seed a German I just touched him off. At first I was shooting from a prone position; that is lying down; just like we often shoot at the targets in the shooting matches in the mountains of Tennessee; and it was just about the same distance. But the targets here were bigger. I just couldn’t miss a German’s head or body at that distance. And I didn’t.(Michael Kors Double Zip Wallet)

In 1927, he was doing his thing at the Stag Lane Aerodrome in North London when someone noticed he was jumping closer and closer to a high tension cable. Despite hearing the warning that the wire was live, Dobbs shouted back that he would risk it and proceeded to try to jump over the cable. He is recorded as “nearly” clearing it, but “nearly” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. His feet got tangled in the wire, and when he reached down to try to free himself, he grabbed it and was electrocuted, throwing him down to the ground (so hey, it got him untangled!) and killing him on the spot.(Michael Kors Hamilton Tote Bag Grey)

Two sergeants were suspended without pay for 10 and 15 days, respectively for to be a role model for professional police service. Another officer was suspended for two days for to treat a member of the public with courtesy and professionalism. Eight others will receive remedial training in professional communications, officials said.(Michael Kors Black Suede Fringe Purse)

Of course, he was smuggling things past the evil Empire, which no longer exists. So does he go back to that job, only now smuggling things that the new government doesn’t approve of? Space crack and child slaves? How will the royal princess feel about that? What’s the alternative, she gets him a job as a diplomat? Yeah, we can totally see that working out.(Michael Kors Chain Purse)

I used that implicit trust to become very good at manipulation. Nursing is all about the rapport you establish with your patients and their families: A lot of so called bad bedside manner results from medical professionals who prioritize solving your medical issue over being your friend. Meanwhile, I could have shortchanged you on your pain medication (which quite literally can endanger your life), but you and your family loved me because I was so fucking high, I couldn’t stop grinning and telling jokes. I regularly got compliments (and even gifts) from patients’ families, thanking me for the exemplary care that I gave them while blasting through the stratosphere on their stolen medication.”I demand that you be pleasant and charismatic while you’re saving my life!”(Michael Kors Patent Leather Purse)