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I could have been on any number of beaches on my beloved Lake Michigan; the sand was the same texture and color, and the dunes to my left looked just like ones I climbed as a child. This stretch, the bluish gray waves storming onto shore and then gently retreating, should have felt foreign, yet it was very much like home.(How To Clean Michael Kors Leather Bag)

I’m sure that’s a common trick. on Friday. That’s a fact. Hip hop apparently keeps DMV hours.) It was all just smoke being blown up my ass. Monte sent excited email after excited email about how big I was about to be and how we were “just getting started.” I think the last “just getting started” email hit about a week before the label dropped me. You develop real thick skin. I’d pour my heart into a song, spend all day making it, everyone in the recording room would be feeling it . my friends, my family, management, engineers. We’d all be stoked, and then I’d send it to Universal in an email, and a few minutes later: “Ehhhh . not really what we’re looking for.” To get that response to my work for the first time was A) shocking; B) disheartening; C) a wake up call; and D) oddly erotic if you get off on unhelpful apathy. I realized then that we were at the “you either win a Grammy and sell lots of records or get the fuck out of Hollywood” point. I sent them songs that are now somewhat classic fan favorites, and my A dude responded with “Yeah, that’s not it” more often than not. Super helpful criticism! I didn’t realize I had sent you the “not it” song, when I clearly meant to attach the “it” file.(Replacement Purse Straps Crossbody Michael Kors)

Desna has let her guard down around Zlata, and naively so it turns out. That was cemented for me when she excitedly grabbed those keys to her new Maserati without considering just how suspect such an extravagant gift might be in her line of work. So now she finds herself humiliated on two fronts: professionally and romantically. I’m curious how she’s going to respond and if she can (or even wants to) match Ruval and Zlata, double cross for double cross. Desna is practical and savvy and able to keep her cool amidst the heat around her, but is she a strategist? Not really. And I think that’s a subtle but smart point that’s coming through, because most of us aren’t going through our lives plotting everything out four or five steps ahead. Often we’re just reacting to whatever’s happening in front of us.(Michael Kors Bedford Bag)