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If it wasn’t bad enough that plants are capable of telling their friends from their enemies, they can apparently collaborate with each other, too. When a willow tree is being eaten by caterpillars, it produces chemicals that the bugs have trouble digesting. But then nearby trees that haven’t even been touched will also start producing that chemical. It’s been discovered that once a willow gets chewed on, it releases pheromones into the air that other willows in the area can detect so that they can ramp up their own defenses.(Michael Kors Natalie Bag)

Back in 2005, a South Korean woman took some manner of tiny dog on a subway, where it promptly shat on the floor of the car. South Koreans, being polite folks, asked if she wouldn’t mind cleaning the steamer up. She declined. One passenger even offered her a tissue. She used it to wipe the dog’s ass but left the shit on the floor. South Korean politeness just about ran its course at that point.(MK Coin Wallet)

When the doctors at the field hospital found out he had a whole, working rocket inside him, there was the usual panic and screaming until someone finally calmed down enough to try and save his life. This was despite the fact that the army manual called for him to be dumped far away from everyone and treated last. Seriously, nothing makes you more unpopular to a group than having a live bomb inside you.(Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Logo Shoulder Bag)

Tired of their roadblocks, Hitchcock wanted to go around the studio to realize his movie. But this was before the time you could just shoot a movie with what’s in your pockets, so he still needed a full crew. Luckily, he knew just where to find one: over at Universal where his , Alfred Hitchcock Presents, was being shot. Hitchcock secretly to film both his show and Psycho , trying to approach the movie like an extended TV episode to save money. Abrams had tried to film and disguise it as an Alias episode. That’s how bonkers of an idea this was for Hitchcock to pursue.”Look, it was either that or have Anthony Perkins actually run this as a real hotel during the off hours.”(MK Wallet 2017)

In the absence of a close scrutiny of the book, we focus on the historic book that suggests that the stock is currently trading at 1.8X its reported book of FY18 (as against Kotak’s trailing valuation of 4.4X banking book). However, the value of the book remains a question mark, depending on the asset quality surprise.(Michael Kors Fulton Brown Large Crossbody Bag 32f3gftc3b)