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Back in the early ’80s, Davis, a traveling musician, decided to share his craft with the patrons of an all white country western bar. After his performance, a guy approached him to say he was impressed that a black man could play the piano as well as Jerry Lee Lewis. Davis proceeded to blow the man’s mind by letting him know that not only did Lewis learn to play rock ‘n’ roll by imitating black people (like, you know, everyone else) but he was a personal friend. The man, in turn, surprised Davis by mentioning he was a Ku Klux Klan member.(Michael Kors Women’s Outlet Riverhead)

It started with your typical 21st century love story. Boy meets girl in a Minecraft server, boy moves to Sweden to marry girl, boy and girl take a summer course in Elfdalian, and then they decide to devote their lives to saving it from extinction. You know, that classic tale. The couple’s efforts have taken the form of an in game recreation of the village where they took the language course, Alvdalen. If Minecraft fans can make shit like a giant working Game Boy with a playable Pokemon game out of little blocks, of course, they can recreate one village.(Pink Michael Kors Studded Bag)

She had no schedule, so she just slept when she was tired, and hung out with folks when she was awake. Many moms say they’ve taken advantage of their infant’s chilled out nature by renting a vacation house where the main event is lounging on the back patio. The lack of structure and the privacy are a boon if you’re breastfeeding. (Michael Kors Brown Wallet Sale)

Pretty dark, Gipper, but we see the humor. Who didn’t see it, however, was the rest of the world, which went in a bit of a panic after the story (though not the audio) was leaked a day later. But before being brutally executed by his own citizens, he was at least feared and taken seriously by his own citizens. The following is a prime example of why.(Light Purple MK Purse)

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is known by the blockbuster worthy nickname “Europe’s Last Dictator,” and by gosh is he committed to living up to that title. Aside from a habit of making his political opponents disappear like a fascist magician, Lukashenko’s Belarus is rife with censorship, rigged elections, and general human rights skullfuckery. He’s the kind of guy Steven Seagal would hunt down in a bad action movie. However, in real life, Steven Seagal hunted Lukashenko down to eat carrots at his house.(Michael Kors Fold Over Bag)