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The defense wrapped up its case last Thursday after calling to the stand every member of the Anthony family this week except for Casey. She only made a cameo when she personally addressed the judge to answer one of the trial biggest questions whether she would testify. She declined the opportunity to testify in her defense.(Michael Kors Outlet Phoenix Premium)

Tragedy, of course, is not unknown to space exploration. Between Challenger, Columbia, Soyuz 1, and Soyuz 11, 18 astronauts have been killed on missions. Eleven more have died during training. Ground workers have also given their lives, including 48 who were killed during a single rocket fueling gone wrong. And then there’s the long, harrowing list of close calls where we narrowly avoided disaster.(MK Bag Shopping)

He also claims that some of their pranks only bummed people out, such as fake dance auditions that dangled the promise of a paying job, when their only compensation for their trouble turned out to be a Juiced T shirt (unwearable, unless you’re Charles Manson or something). What we’re saying is that it’s time to start writing letters to FX demanding that the next season of American Crime Story be a beat by beat dramatization of the making of Juiced.(Michael Kors Outlet National Harbor)

Obviously we’re not the first ones to notice this quite a bit of analysis has been done over the years about Alien and its representation of sex. People have suggested everything from the Alien being a representation of the id to a metaphor for women’s refusal to bear children.(Michael Kors Jules Drawstring Crossbody Shoulder Bag)

The Skylark Roof Deck, a newly minted 32nd floor rooftop, is complete with hand crafted cocktails, light fare and unobstructed views of Manhattan. Located in Midtown West, the 1,500 square foot al fresco space is the perfect place for after work drinks or pre/post theater hang out. Seasonal cocktails include Spring Negroni with Nolet’s gin, aperol, carpano, antica served over lavender ice with an orange twist and Ginger Sazerac withtempleton rye, canton ginger liquor, absinthe, peychud’s bitters, and garnished with candied ginger. Shareable fare offers an array of plates such as Mac Cheese Cupcakes, Mushroom asparagus pizzettaand grilled chicken focaccia with brie, ale braised apples, and fennel shallot remoulade.(Michael Kors Bag Cambodia)