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There are a host of outdoor activities one can pursue at and around Belcampo. Kayaks are available to explore the Rio Grande, which bisects the nature reserve and flows to the Caribbean. Trails cut through the property allowing self guided hikes, or you can choose to be accompanied by a naturalist for a morning of birding. (You may not spot the larger mammals that call the rainforest home during daylight hours, though you may see their signs; two jaguars were spotted at twilight during our visit, a hundred yards below the main lodge!) Guided trips to the Mayan ruins at Lubaantun are also available, topped off with lunch prepared by a local Mayan family and a swim in the cave behind the Rio Blanco Waterfalls, which may be the coolest spot in generally sultry southern Belize.(Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Zip Around Continental Wallet)

A vacation eating attitude typically means indulging in the momentand worrying about the consequences later,saysHealth’s contributing nutrition editor, Cynthia Sass, RD. And research agrees: A recent study out of the University of Georgia found that somepeople who take one to three week vacations put on nearly apoundduring their trip, whileothers gain as many as seven pounds. (Michael Kors Camera Bag)

DR: Zlata picked a lane in the first episode, and now the Hussers are trying to make Roller be the mole within his new in law’s empire. But let’s be honest, Roller doing subterfuge is like a beluga whale walking in pants down Miami Beach it ain’t gonna happen. The Hussers themselves can’t even make their way over a garden wall without comic effect, so why should they be shocked to find Roller enjoying a massage when they peek over the hedges? The real surprise will be if he can focus long enough to find the chink in Zlata’s family’s armor to manipulate.(Michael Kors Truffle Wallet)

Wrong. Don’t confuse stunt performers with daredevils we’re always quick to point out the difference. The reason is simple: If I get hurt, I can’t work. And it’s not the same as an actor, where production will stop until I recover. Our job is to be interchangeable the film is going to great expense to make sure you don’t know it was a stunt performer who crashed through the skylight and not Channing Tatum. So if I can’t work, I get replaced. Being careful and meticulous is how we stay employed.(Michael Kors Overnight Bag)