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The farm and its bounties are central to the Belcampo experience. Guests can partake in a number of tours of the property’s various gardens, go foraging in the forest with a local guide and participate in cooking demonstrations. Deidre had hoped to “Snorkel With the Chef,” an adventure that takes guests to the Gulf of Honduras, where Chef Renee and her crew dive for conch, lobsters and lionfish. (Your catch is grilled up on the boat.) Windy weather had rendered the sea too murky for good snorkeling, so we opted for Belcampo’s bean to bar chocolate class. Head gardener Elon Ranguy led us on a tour of the vegetable and herb plots (including the “chicken manure tea” station pungent but much beloved by vegetables) before reaching the cacao nursery. The cacao bean (which you might know as the cocoa bean) is, of course, the source of chocolate. While explaining the genesis of chocolate , he demonstrated how plants are grafted, and then how cacao pods which resemble a large squash are cut to release the seeds. The seeds are fermented and dried on a screen for roughly two weeks (while the cacao butter is drained off and saved) before they are roasted, ground into paste and blended with cacao butter and sugar. Maynard Jacobs, one of Belcampo’s chocolate experts, led us through the blending process. After a few steps of heating, cooling and mixing, a thick, brownielike batter the chocolate was poured into molds for bars and refrigerated. In half an hour, it would be ready.(<b><i><a href=””>Michael Kors Navy And White Striped Wallet</a></i></b>)<br /><br />Try something for me. Get up and go to an empty part of the floor, and position your body so that it’s like you’re riding an invisible motorcycle. Knees bent at about a 90 degree angle, arms out, you can make engine noises with your mouth if you want. Look at the clock, and hold that position as long as you possibly can, until the pain in your thighs becomes too unbearable. Note how long you lasted. Some of you won’t last 30 seconds, because why would you? This is stupid and it hurts.(<b><i><a href=””>MK Shoulder Purse</a></i></b>)<br /><br />The above explanation could be considered fairly accurate. It’s just that it ends that last sentence a tad bit early. It really should read “the Serpent Mother invites viewers to physically engage in her art, by lighting them on fire and devouring them, so that they might be consumed amongst the ravaged steel of her burning guts.”(<b><i><a href=””>Michael Kors Est 1981 Bag</a></i></b>)