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A rise of 0.7 per cent on a loan carrying an interest rate of 3.5 per cent, for example, would mean a hike of 20 percent on your monthly interest payment. Could you afford that? Without scaling back other spending? The one third of Canadian mortgage holders who have variable rate mortgages would immediately feel the pinch.(Michael Kors Monogram Bag)

Really the only thing there is to know about bullets is that they travel in a straight line. If a dude is shooting at you, you’re fine as long as there’s something good and solid between you and him. A car door, a sandbag, another less fortunate person you’re using like a bullet proof vest. This has been the rule for the last 700 years or so.(Michael Kors Bags Half Dome Crossbody)

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Luther’s public plea that triggered the Protestant Reformation. From May to November, millions of visitors are expected to attend more than 2,000 events throughout Germany honoring Luther’s legacy as part of Reformation Summer. But the center of the global jubilee is here in Wittenberg, a charming two street town on the Elbe River that is best measured in steps exactly 1,517 of them, if you believe the welcome sign at the train station.(Michael Kors Studded Wristlet Wallet)

Eating too little or too much’Mental health problems often have an impact on appetite; it’s important to note how dramatic or persistent the changes are,’ Dr Kousoulis explains.Some people with depression lose their appetite altogether; others turn to comfort eating and start to gain weight.On its own, a change in appetite may not be anything to worry about (who hasn’t turned to chocolate to get through a crappy day?) but combined with other symptoms, it could suggest your mental state is taking a turn for the worse.3. (Michael Kors Butterfly Bag White)

Examine the wedding invitation. While men can usually stick to a suit for the majority of weddings, decor for women tends to be more discerning. Because there is often confusion concerning what mode of dress is appropriate, many wedding invitations will specify whether it’s formal, semi formal or a “black tie event.” In the case of a black tie event, you should opt for an evening gown.[33](Michael Kors Striped Purse)