How To Design Michael Kors Checkered Purse

You can also use a vinegar and water mix for washing your strawberries. This will aid in killing off bacteria. Place the berries in a colander. Using a ratio of one tablespoon of vinegar per each quart of water, place the vinegar and water in a clean sink or a clean bowl. Dip the colander into the vinegar/water mix. Gently move the berries around so that all areas of each berry come in contact with the vinegar/water mix. Lift the colander out of the vinegar and water, and rinse berries off with plain water. Towel dry berries before freezing or refrigerating to help prevent them from getting mushy.(Michael Kors Saffiano Wallet Purple)

So despite how thrilling retirement sounds when you’re 24 and planning on spending every waking moment of it drunk and naked in a kiddie pool; for elderly folks who wake up seven times a night to go to the bathroom, hobble around with arthritis and spend half their social security on food for a cat that pisses on all their clothes (see 5), retirement can be a long, drawn out frustration of building tension with no release and no control.(Michael Kors Bowery Bag)

When Woodside, CA, mom Dana Sanderson asked her daughter Kit, then 6, what would help her sleep alone, Kit decided she needed a bigger night light and a “Mommy pillow,” a body pillow with her mom’s image traced in fabric paint. Sanderson agreed, and soon had her evenings back.Not Enough Exercise and/or Too Much Computer TimeActive kids tend to be better sleepers. (Michael Kors Black And White Selma Bag)

The whole premise of The X Files was originally just having two agents go around investigating random, unconnected weird shit, which is what they did for most of the first season. The main reason this all changed had nothing to do with artistic growth or originality; it’s because Gillian Anderson got pregnant. This was the first larger plot they ever did, and it was completely unplanned. As Spotnitz put it, “This mythology really ended up running through the life of the series, all because Gillian Anderson became pregnant.”(Michael Kors Savannah Large Tote Bag)

Toilet paper may have been around in China since 589 AD, but for much of the world, it remains a prohibitively expensive luxury. In places such as India, Sri Lanka, Africa and the whole of the Middle East, doing anything with your left hand is seen as unclean, as it is (as least symbolically) your ass wiping hand.(Michael Kors Nylon Crossbody Bag Black)