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The football club says the swimming pool project, combined with Wasps’ plans for a training centre at the site, could threaten the Academy’s future. But talks designed to identify any possible solutions at the Higgs Centre are due to take place.New 50 metre swimming pool at Alan Higgs Centre could be open by end of decadeThe swimming pool project, which the Telegraph first revealed in November 2015, includes developing a new eight lane pool with spectator seating for 500 people.Council officers believes it can recoup the taxpayer investment in the long term through the profits predicted to be generated from a planned water park in the city centre due to be completed in 2019.The council’s planned timeline should mean the existing 50 metre pool on Fairfax Street, which is due to be shut down, stays open until the two new facilities are ready for use.Councillors voted to replace the Fairfax Street pool with a water park in 2014 after it was predicted that the park would pay for itself and generate a profit of for taxpayers over 45 years.Plans for Coventry water park given go aheadBut the decision prompted the biggest petition in the history of Coventry City Council as more than 11,000 people called for a 50 metre pool to be retained in the city.Speaking as the decision to build the new Olympic length pool was made, Labour Coun Kamran Caan, cabinet member for sport, said: “The site is identified as a good location, addressing an un met demand for facilities in the East and South East of Coventry.”It will support community swimming, but it will cater for athletes who take part in other sports as well.”This is clearly a momentous moment for the city of Coventry.”Deal clears way for new Olympic swimming pool in CoventryHe added that the council is working with Sport England and the Amateur Swimming Association on the plans for this and the planned city centre water park.The plans also received cross party support from the opposition Conservatives and Coun Ken Taylor even went as far as congratulating the ruling Labour group on the proposals.He said: “Thank you to Labour for their endeavours and listening to what the residents of Coventry have had to say.”. (Michael Kors Karla Wallet)