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The Skylark Roof Deck, a newly minted 32nd floor rooftop, is complete with hand crafted cocktails, light fare and unobstructed views of Manhattan. Located in Midtown West, the 1,500 square foot al fresco space is the perfect place for after work drinks or pre/post theater hang out. Seasonal cocktails include Spring Negroni with Nolet’s gin, aperol, carpano, antica served over lavender ice with an orange twist and Ginger Sazerac withtempleton rye, canton ginger liquor, absinthe, peychud’s bitters, and garnished with candied ginger. Shareable fare offers an array of plates such as Mac Cheese Cupcakes, Mushroom asparagus pizzettaand grilled chicken focaccia with brie, ale braised apples, and fennel shallot remoulade.(Michael Kors Bag Cambodia)

By 1700, the Palermo Capuchini expanded from just including their own brothers to accepting paying customers; the steep fees funded the friars’ charities. So there is the aisle called the Professionals, populated by lawyers and doctors suited up with coats and ties. And there is a room reserved for virgins, dressed in white gowns (Capella Vergini).(Michael Kors Continental Purse)

For example, see what dinosaurs looked like when they roamed the earth at The Museum of Ancient Life, and get a behind the scenes look at Dinosnorzzz, a dinosaur themed slumber party held once a month.. (Michael Kors Leather Coin Purse)

In 2006 and 2010, huge swarms of jellyfish invaded the beaches of Spain, stinging tens of thousands of swimmers. In some places, these occupying jellyfish appeared in concentrations of up to ten per square meter. These swarms are called “jellyfish blooms,” and they’re popping up in oceans worldwide like cam chat room ads on free porn sites. Hawaii and Ireland were similarly swarmed in 2007, Israel and France in 2008, and Tunisia and Italy in 2009.(MK Diaper Bag Backpack)

Once the staff caught on, they still didn’t switch to movie style straitjackets. They just started using leathers and chemical restraints together. Think about it: Which is easier, lacing up an elaborate crazy girdle on an unwilling participant, or slamming a syringe full of Ativan into a thigh? Option 2, of course. No belts, shoelaces, drawstrings on hoodies or sweatpants, nothing with violent images. No Manson T shirts or gang colors. But you can totally wear a suit or cocktail dress if you really want.(Light Pink Michael Kors Wallet)