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Motley Crue is the biggest, baddest rock band to ever exist. They rubbed egg burritos on their junk to keep their girlfriends from finding out about the groupies they were banging! One of them had a lethal overdose in Slash’s shower . and started doing heroin the second he was revived! Another killed a dude while drunk driv OK, there’s the line in the sand.(Michael Kors Crossbody Bag Macys)

We’ve all tried to reinvent ourselves. Whether it’s growing an awesome mustache right before you head off to college, shaving off your lame mustache right after graduating from college or re growing that mustache during your mid life crisis change is a natural part of life. Fictional characters are no different: Dissatisfied and bored with themselves, they’re constantly revising and reworking their images in a vain attempt at happiness. Some of the best loved characters of today are practically unrecognizable from their original forms:(Michael Kors Cary Suede Bucket Bag)

Wielding her perfect German and knowledge of the city, Jo took us to Hochst, a quiet neighborhood in the western part of the city that felt markedly different from Frankfurt’s busy metropolis. Jo and I had emailed before our trip, and she suggested visiting the town for its morning farmers market and streets that were quiet and easy to navigate for Chloe, who has a walking disability.(Michael Kors Outlet Arundel Mills Mall)

They say the most honest moments in a man’s life are right after he gets off and when he’s dying. Or maybe I just said that. It’s been said, anyway. But when you know you’re dying, there’s probably a real sense of freedom in there somewhere, in that you know it’s all coming to a close soon, so who gives a shit what you do in the last few moments? That was the case with Val Patterson, a man dying of throat cancer who decided to say “fuck it” and spill the beans on his life.(Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Leather Medium Messenger Bag Navy)

Well, you don’t have to imagine it: I was a registered nurse for two years, and during that time, I was a hopeless drug addict who not only stole drugs from the hospital, but frequently used them during my shifts. And I’m not alone: RNs abuse drugs at roughly twice the rate of everybody else in the country as many as 1 in 5 may be addicts, according to studies.(Michael Kors Sunglasses Outlet)