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Where could you find a mad scientist?Well, if you go to a laboratory and there is a scientist. You found one! But, a mad scientist? Hm. Sorry if this answer is lame but, my thoughts are that you would find a mad scientist on the web, maybe ‘Facebook’ (probably impossible) or a friend that knows a mad scientist in a laboratory. MOWAHA. I went to a laboratory and found a scientist. Yep. There stood a scientist in his nice white lab coat, but he didn’t look MAD . He talked and walked normally just like you and me. Except he had this paper on the wall that stated that he/she was a graduate from a scientific university like, “MIT”. Then I thought maybe there aren’t any MAD SCIENTISTS except in books like, “Frankenstein” . Then I came to the answer, you can find MAD SCIENTISTS in movies. I know of one, he’s on ‘FACEBOOK’. His name is. Look in a mirror.(Tiendas MK Outlet)

Chemical restraints and leathers, as cinematically interesting as they may be, are generally only used in exceptional situations (like if you attack a staff member or try to escape from the facility). But everyone has checks. Every half hour, a staff member will find you and make sure you’re OK. If you’re in the shower, he’ll knock until you shout your own name. If you’re asleep or in group or reading, he’ll just write it down and be on his way.(Michael Kors Hot Pink Wallet)

Exercise machines are a $4.5 billion industry (treadmills are the top seller) and health clubs account for another $27 billion. How many of those people paid the money because they convinced themselves this would be the thing that would finally turn them into the type of person who exercises? Here’s a hint: Two thirds of people with gym memberships never go.(Wholesale MK Purses)

The mother of the girl called the manager to complain and was told that the employees who refused access to the washroom were in the right, as there were insurance concerns and Lord knows if you let one child with diarrhea into your bathroom, you’ll have to let dozens more in, and before you know it the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is little more than a highway rest stop with Mallomars.(MK Studded Wallet)

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Facebook researchers/creeps also found that if you’re a cat person, you’re more likely to be into nerdy stuff like sci fi and that weird phenomena known as “staying in and reading a book.” Dog folks, like their furry companions, are more likely to be outgoing and be full of something called “energy.” They’re also more likely to be into rom coms and, extremely weirdly, share the same love of Marley Me.(Michael Kors Dome Purse)