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DR: At this point, the Husser hijinks to take over their former empire is just a side hustle (no real substance) which leaves me guessing: Is Dr. G in on this plan or are the Hussers going to get one of themselves killed in the process of foiling Zlata’s plans of Florida drug domination? I feel like everyone has kissed Zlata’s ring except Bryce. Ann wants everyone to wake up and smell the coffee that Zlata is doling out, but when will that happen? Desna has had no formal training when it comes to having proper mentors, she can only follow her gut, so I can understand why she’s excited to have one in Zlata, but we all know this won’t end well. Let’s just hope Desna doesn’t lose everything in trusting Zlata so implicitly. Methinks it will take something big like messing with Dean to have Desna going nuclear on Zlata, but even I don’t think Zlata is that crazy.(MK Jet Set Wallet)

For the sake of your wallet and busy schedule, keep it transparent with your therapist. Therapy can be a game changer for your mental health, but you get out of it only as much as you put in. For the sake of your wallet and your time, it’s best to be as honest and transparent as possible with your therapist.”You only know part of the truth about yourself,” said Zach Brittle, a Seattle based therapist and founder of the online couples therapy series forBetter. (MK Two Tone Bag)

Now Monhegan, home to about 65 year rounders, harbors a lobstering fleet and an artist colony. Photo courtesy of InnCasco Bay’s largest island, often ranked among Maine’s most beautiful, is a convenient getaway. Passenger ferries depart from Yarmouth (a 15 minute ride) and Portland (longer scenic trips). Casually classy, 21 room Inn Chebeague’s only public lodging has local art in the guest rooms, a stone fireplace anchoring the Great Room and blankets for snuggling in wicker chairs when a chilly fall wind blows. (Amazon Michael Kors Cross Body Bags)

The islands of the Cyclades, meaning “circle,” derive their name from the way they orbit around the figurative sun of Delos now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Greece’s most important archaeological locations, dating to the Bronze Age. Headless and limbless statues, mosaics picturing dolphins, phallic monuments in homage to Dionysus, a dried up lake where Apollo is said to have been born .. . When American civilization collapses, will it leave behind such enchanting and enduring ruins?(MK Handbag Wallet)