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In a perfect world, petty trickery would jeopardize a district attorney’s chances at reelection. In this world, we love loose cannon cops and vigilantes the people who bend the rules to put “bad guys” away are heroes (Batman doesn’t even read you your rights, he just hits you with a batarang and swings away on a grappling hook). Hell, they can even run for judge who’s more “tough on crime” than somebody who doesn’t let things like “the rights of the accused” get in the way?”I will turn you into a corpus if you bring up that habeas shit up again.”(Michael Kors Ballet Wallet)

It might have something to do with the moon disrupting sleep. And then there’s the wacky theory that the Moon is pulling at the water in the human body the same way its gravity grabs the oceans. This could cause issues with the hypothalamus (the weird seahorsey looking part of your brain), which affects the pineal gland, which dovetails rather nicely into symptoms for sundowning.(Michael Kors Selby Medium Messenger Bag)

When he was 13, he once went trick or treating dressed as an IRS agent, and he collected money for diabetes research. The media thought this a heartbreaking story that they’d love to cover: The inspiring, sickly kid couldn’t eat sugar on this candilicious holiday, so he devoted himself to good works instead. You can actually watch the TV interview and hear Zach patiently explain that he still totally plans on collecting candy in addition to the diabetes fundraising (the interviewer heroically ignores this information).(Michael Kors Bag Strap)

Our apartment, up two flights of winding stone steps, had been stripped to the half timbered walls, modernized and decorated in restrained Pottery Barn. Large windows looked out over the ancient moss covered rooftops of layered slate. Just out the front door, a narrow alley opened on a Gothic cathedral and the main plaza, ringed by cafes and restaurants. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the plaza and the main streets of the town sprouted stalls and became the town market. In the old town, and the typical small French provincial city surrounding it, restaurants were abundant, though somewhat limited in variety. Most provided variations on the theme of classic French cuisine with a local accent. On the outskirts of town (still easily walkable from the center), we discovered a place with absolutely authentic Dutch pannekoeken (a hearty, low country take on crepes) and a cozy neighborhood pizzeria.(Tote Bags Michael Kors Macys)