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A friendship of this sort is kind of like a spicy burrito: under wraps by necessity and liable to wreck your shit if enjoyed too liberally. So Brand and Mandela not only kept much of their friendship secret, they also devised a special code that allowed them to circumvent government attempts to extract information from Mandela. Meanwhile, Brand also taught Mandela how to speak Afrikaans from behind bars, which allowed the future statesman to address white South Africans in their own language on the day of his release.(Michael Kors Tampa Outlet)

If you were looking to Netflix and chill at the beginning of the new millennium, waiting for mail order DVDs to arrive gave you a hell of a lot more time to chill than to Netflix. This, the limited selection, and a lot of late fees meant that Netflix hadn’t made a single dollar since its founding in 1997. The company was just too far ahead of its time, unlike traditional rental giant Blockbuster, which hadn’t changed its business model since Teen Wolf was released on VHS.(Michael Kors Signature Satchel Bags)

And that’s not the unsettling part. See, credit ratings are controlled by just three private companies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. But these companies rule far more than your credit score. Recently, Experian landed a sweet deal with the Social Security Administration under which they control your access to online Social Security statements and benefits. That’s particularly scary because it turns out that Experian isn’t exactly great at online security: Last year, Irish regulators opened an investigation into their security practices due to the more than 80 breaches of their consumer database since 2006. consumers is based in Dublin. Ireland’s not exactly Thunderdome or anything we’re sure they have a fine workforce but we’re outsourcing our own benefits and the maintenance of the single most important number in our lives?And you just know you’re going to get screwed when they convert your number to metric credit.(Michael Kors Luggage Outlet)

Being half movie cop plus half regular cop equals all cop, but there’s more to Steven Seagal than that. If you thought a documentary on his copping would be like that or a normal cop, nice try at thinking. He’s Steven Seagal and that brings with it some real life super powers. The martial arts training that he mentions every five seconds have granted him abilities you won’t believe. Let’s take a look at some of them.(Michael Kors Purse Black Crossbody)