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The internet loves a good tale of an asshole encountering a trained fighter and getting a well deserved ass beating. Richard Dimitri, on the other hand, prefers to share stories like that of Alex Gong, a world champion kickboxer who was working out one day when some random jerk hit his parked car. Alex ran out and caught up to him at a traffic light. “Alex punches through the window,” says Richard, “the guy pulls out a gun and shoots him twice.” Gong died at the scene. This is a man who could have beaten any of us into lumpy red pudding with his bare hands, and it didn’t matter.(Michael Kors Quilted Crossbody Purse)

With such a convoluted premise, ratings were bound to sink. Not helping matters were the confusing priorities of the show: Instead of dealing with race and history, as one would reasonably expect of a show about slavery and the Civil War, Desmond Pfeiffer was content to mock modern day headlines in the basest possible fashion. They recast Abraham Lincoln, arguably the most revered president in history, as a one note buffoonish sex addict in order to parody then president Bill Clinton. Timely! In another, Lincoln hides behind enemy lines by dressing in drag. What the what?! Men dressed as women? We sure hope ’90s couches came with sea belts, or else the viewers would be blown completely away!(Michael Kors Natalie Wallet)

Rats are no slackers on the multiplication front: Two rats alone can have up to 6,000 babies before they die at age 2 or 3. Of course, those babies are also breeding, starting at only 3 months of age. And they don’t all disperse, seeking their little rat fortunes and pursuing tiny rodent scholarships out in the world; if there’s plenty of food, they’ll stick around and take over an entire city. For example: Many areas that scaled back their pest control for financial reasons during the recession saw an in the rat population.(Womens Laptop Bag Michael Kors)