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As a secondary kick in the pants for the facially challenged, there’s also research that shows the less attractive you are, the more likely you are to face stiffer punishments for your crimes. You know, nerds. It’s a trope a lot of people assume is true in the real world. That’s why when a hot lady plays a scientist in a movie, people are quick to point out how “unrealistic” it is. Plus, look at real life geniuses like Alfred “My hair looks like my skull is exploding” Einstein and Isaac “Sorry, my face just looks like this” Newton. Those were some fucky looking dudes.(How To Know If A Michael Kors Bag Is Real)

Though that’s not as bad as working at, say, a sperm bank. Or any job that involves sex in any capacity. It’s fucking 2011, but if you are connected to the porn industry in any way (even on the billing or Web hosting side), you have to lie about your job as if you’re a drug dealer. And it’s a lie you have to tell constantly.(Michael Kors Rose Gold Purse Ebay)

Let’s say you refuse to budge any higher on the purchase price of a car and are about to walk out of the negotiations. That’s when the salesperson bounces you over to discuss the size of the monthly payment you think you can handle, or any down payment you might have. By the time you get back around to the purchase price, you will often find you’re far more willing to compromise than you were before.(Kirby Michael Kors Bag)

Critics of RCV think it contributes to public agreement but takes disagreements and political attacks underground, where it is harder to attribute them to individual candidates. Other criticisms are that it isn’t well understood and that it fails to cull the field of candidates in a way that lets voters concentrate on just two.(Mocha Michael Kors Wallet)

Featuring work by Scott Seekins, Rachel Girard, Rudy Fig, Nicholas Harper, Caitlin Karolczak, Whittney A Streeter, and Michael Thomsen. Fri., Sept. 21. Free. Rogue Buddha Art Gallery, 357 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis; 612 331 3889. Every Fri. Free. The Corner Bar, 1501 Washington Ave. Sept. 21; Free. Banfill Locke Center for the Arts, 6666 E. River Rd., Fridley; 763 574 1850.(Amazon Com Michael Kors Bags)

Graham Yost, the guy who wrote the original Speed, had some ideas for a sequel one involving a plane that had to stay at a low altitude in the Andes, the other involving a boat with “Vietnam era munitions that would explode if they came into contact with water.” Both ideas maintained the same element of the original movie, in that they both involved vehicles that had to remain in motion because of some highly improbable set of circumstances. But Jan de Bont told him in no uncertain terms that his ideas were no longer welcome, because he (de Bont) had just had a billion dollar nightmare.(Michael Kors Flower Wallet)