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Leaving Orlans, we drove through the Loire Valley in search of chateaus. In America, we have road signs for the nearest eatery or gas station; in France, they have signs for the local chateau. The symbol, a large house, appears on the smallest of signboards in the countryside. Driving on Route D108, we stumbled on a couple, including the 18th century Chateau de Villette. Sitting handsomely on more than 100 acres of land, this is one of the “smaller” chateaus in the area, with only 45 rooms. Unfortunately, it was being used for a private event that day (many chateaus have been converted to party venues or bed and breakfasts), so we couldn’t wander the grounds. Heading farther east, we admired the more regal Chateau de Sully sur Loire.(Michael Kors Montreal Outlet)

The police sure are generating some terrifying news stories these days, are they not? I covered this phenomenon once already back in November, but the recent shooting of a Tosh.0 production assistant in Los Angeles compelled me to look into it again, and sure enough, shit is still crazy. Police officers and their increasingly criminal antics are the topic of discussion in this week’s Unpopular Opinion podcast .(MK Small Bag)

However, there are popularity heights that even the most dickish quarterback or bitchiest cheerleader cannot reach. At the very top of the ladder, the level of bullying drops off completely. The absolute most popular kids don’t bully at all, because they don’t need to. Or rather, they’re just far too narcissistic to care. It turns out that the most popular high schoolers are the ones so obsessed with their own selves, it’s practically dripping off them. The other students mistake their aloof, entitled behavior as personal, innate charm and worship the ground under the narcissists’ feet. Because if there’s anything cooler than the guy who pulled your underwear up your ass, it’s the one who was too busy staring into his locker mirror to even notice.(Michael Kors Bags Outlet)

It seems crazy that a barely functioning human infant could be cunning enough to lie to get out of trouble, but it’s true. Baby You was such an asshole that you started lying before you could even speak. Scientists have found that by the age of just six months mini you was already “fake crying” and “pretend laughing” to get attention. Babies are so good at that lie they will even pause briefly and listen to see if someone is responding to their crocodile tears before starting up again.(Michael Michael Kors Lexington Large Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag)